Bratz Yasmin

Yasmin BUtton

First Edition Yasmin PrototypeFirst Edition Yasmin Prototype

Nickname: Pretty Princess
Introduction: First Edition Bratz
Lines she’s feature in: Bratz, Lil’ Bratz, Babyz, Kidz, Itsy Bitsy Bratz, Lil’ Angelz
Usual hair colors on dolls: Dark or light brown
Usual eye colors on dolls: Brown or hazel

Yasmin Icon

Hey! My name is Yasmin! My fashion passion is Bohemian-clothes in earth-tone colors and awesome textures! My friends call me “Pretty Princess” because I rule!

Lupe Original ArtworkLupe Original ArtworkOriginal “Lupe” concept by Carter Bryant. Lupe’s name was changed to Yasmin, and the character was named after MGA CEO Issac Larian’s daughter, Jasmine Larian.