Welcome to Passion 4 Bratz! We’re a database designed for collectors to be able to identify and learn about their dolls using detailed images and information. This site is still under construction, but we’ll be adding more and more content over time. Collectors can expect to see detailed databases for all Bratz lines, including spin-off lines like Boyz, Lil’ Bratz, Babyz, and more. Things like playsets, fashion and shoe packs, magazine/books scans, artwork, and more will also be featured for all lines. Thank you for your patience while we continue to update the database. Our focus is detailed, high quality content, which takes time to work on in between working full time.

Latest Doll Pages Update: Midnight Dance

Midnight Dance

Latest Playset Pages Update: 2002 Stylin’ Salon ‘N’ Spa

2002 Stylin' Salon 'N' Spa

Latest Tips Update: Tips for Collecting: Part 1 Researching Dolls for Purchase

This is the first part in a series of tips I will sharing for various aspects of collecting. These tips will be split up so that there isn’t just a giant wall of text. I’ll be covering topics like buying, selling, organizing and storage, identification, and setting up displays. I hope everyone finds these tips to be helpful!