Mannequins for Purchase!

Hey, Bratz fans! I’ve received questions about where I got the mannequins used in my pictures, so the mannequins are now available for purchase! These mannequins are 3D printed and were designed by my husband for Bratz clothes from 2001-2009. There are also mannequins for the 2010 and 2013 Bratz clothes, but they will be available for purchase at a later date. You can order the mannequins to be printed (in black or white) and shipped to you, or you can purchase the 3D printer code so you can print them yourself. Keep in mind that, however you choose to … Continue reading Mannequins for Purchase!

Welcome to Passion 4 Bratz!

Hey, Bratz fans! Passion 4 Bratz has finally gone live. I hope everyone is as excited as I am to see this database coming together. It’s been my dream to put together a database since shortly after I started collecting Bratz as an adult. I am proud of the work I’ve done to get this resource going for all Bratz fans. After I began collecting in late 2010, I noticed there weren’t too many detailed guides or databases for all Bratz, including the spin off lines, so I decided that I wanted to fill in that gap. Bratz fans all … Continue reading Welcome to Passion 4 Bratz!