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Dolls in this line: JadeYasminSasha, and Cloe
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Bratz facts: The First Edition Bratz were released in the US on May 21, 2001 and featured Jade, Yasmin, Sasha, and Cloe. They were also released in Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia.

There are 3 known doll variants for the First Edition Bratz and they include the detailed dolls, undetailed dolls, and 2005 Collector’s Edition dolls. The undetailed dolls were released in Europe, Australia, and Japan and the detailed dolls were released in the US, Europe, and Australia. In 2005, the detailed dolls were re-released as a Target Exclusive Collector’s Edition box set.

There are also 7 known box variants for each doll, except for Cloe, who had 8 variants. The detailed dolls were sold with either a solid purple logo, also referred to as the “non-holographic” logo, or a pink holographic logo. The solid purple logo is the earliest release of detailed dolls, but all other releases for the detailed dolls used the pink holographic logo. The only other detailed dolls to use the solid purple logo were distributed in Europe by Bandai. These boxes only showed either just the characters’ icons in the top corner of the box, or both the characters’ names and icons. These are the only detailed dolls to not come with posters. In 2005, MGA re-released the detailed dolls as a Target Exclusive Collector’s Edition set. These boxes are all the same as the pink holographic boxes, though sometimes some of the boxes had the Toy of the Year sticker on them. There is also a set of “Original Edition” Bratz. There are boxes of Jade that show a sticker that says “Exclusive at Tesco” and boxes of Yasmin that show a sticker that says “only at Woolworths”, so it is likely that these dolls were released exclusively in the UK. However, the only images that can be found for “Original Edition” Sasha and Cloe do not have anything denoting exclusivity, so it is not confirmed whether or not these dolls are UK exclusives.

The undetailed dolls were generally only released outside of the US. They were distributed by Bandai in Europe and by TOMY in Japan. All of these versions had solid purple logos and did not come with posters. Even though most of the undetailed dolls were sold outside of the US, Cloe would sometimes be repackaged with the Target Collector’s Edition set. This was the only time any undetailed doll came in a box with the holographic logo, and had the Toy of the Year sticker and a poster.

The First Edition Lil’ Bratz feature miniature versions of the First Edition Bratz and their clothes and shoes. Many of the shoes from the First Edition dolls were also sold with the first releases of shoe packs.