Boyz Second Edition

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Dolls in this line: Cameron, Dylan, Eitan, and Koby
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Bratz facts: This line does not actually have a name, but is referred to as Boyz Second Edition since it was the second “basic” Boyz line to be released. Eitan and Koby were both introduced as part of this Boyz Second Edition line. Each Boyz Second Edition doll comes with 3 cool tops, 1 pair of pants, 1 pair of shorts, 2 pairs of snap-on shoes, 1 head accessory (hat, visor, or bandana), Boyzbag, comb, and tons of kickin’ accessories.

There are several box variants known for this line, but no known doll variants currently. Cameron and Dylan each have the same 3 box variants, and one repackaged box. The first 2 variants have dark blue backdrops, with the only difference being the character artwork. One variant features the original artwork seen on the Boyz First Edition boxes, whereas the other variant features new artwork that matches the style seen on Boyz Second Edition Eitan and Koby’s boxes. The third variant is a red box that reads “Beach Style”, and seems to have been released exclusively in some European countries. In 2004, Cameron and Dylan, alongside Eitan and Koby, were repackaged as part of the Boyz Funk Out line. Despite being repackaged this way, there are also official releases of the Funk Out Boyz, which are new dolls with new fashions and accessories. 

Eitan and Koby each have 2 box variants, and were also repackaged as part of two different lines. The first 2 variants have dark blue backdrops, the same as Cameron and Dylan. However, one variant states “Meet Eitan/Koby! He’s the new cool of the Bratz Boyz!” on the upper corner of the box, whereas the other variant only shows the characters’ icons in the same corner of the box. In 2003, Eitan and Koby were repackaged as part of the Boyz Nu-Cool line, then in 2004 they were repackaged as part of the Boyz Funk Out line. Both lines featured new dolls with new fashions and accessories, despite Eitan and Koby’s Boyz Second Edition dolls being repackaged for the lines.  

Miniature, sometimes modified, versions of all 4 dolls’ clothes were used for the Lil’ Boyz First Edition line in 2003.