Hey, Bratz fans! I’m a long time Bratz fan and collector and am basically obsessed with Bratz. In 2002/2003 I became interested in them as a kid. They were the doll that everyone had, and my friends and I were all completely enamored by them. In 2010, my boyfriend (now husband) and I decided to go to Toys R Us just for nostalgia’s sake. I hadn’t paid too much attention to Bratz throughout high school, but I was aware of the big lawsuit and was under the impression that Bratz were no longer being made. Imagine my surprise when I saw the 2010 Party dolls on the shelves at Toys R Us! It was that moment in Toys R Us that reignited my obsession with Bratz. I stood there with 2010 Party Jade in my hands, looking at her with amazement and renewed interested in Bratz. I wasn’t able to buy her at that time, but I was determined to start collecting Bratz at that point.

After I began collecting Bratz, I I began to do intensive research on them to see what I had missed during high school. Eventually, I started to get frustrated with the lack of consistent and detailed information about the dolls. This frustration gave me the idea to start a detailed database of my own. This database had actually gone through several iterations before I started using WordPress. I went through many different avenues in order to finally make this website what it is. Quality is the number one priority of this database- I aim to have this website be as helpful and informational as possible for all Bratz collectors.

The Passion 4 Bratz database and identification website is the result of hard work, ambition, and a dream born all those years ago. My wonderful fiancé and a few other Bratz collectors have helped to make this website a reality. It’s nowhere near complete, and I don’t expect it to be complete for several years as I acquire more and more dolls. I’ve been collecting Bratz since 2010 and have acquired 100’s of dolls, but I’m still doing everything I can to find every doll ever released. The best way to provide the most detailed information and photos is to own the dolls myself.