2003 Collector’s Editions

Collector’s Edition dolls: New Years’s Celebratzion Yasmin, Sweet Heart Meygan, Spring Fling Jade, Independance Cloe
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Bratz facts: These were the first collector’s dolls to be released. They were all limited edition with different editions sizes. Each doll had stars in the boxes with the number you got out of the number of dolls that were released. All 4 dolls each came with 2 complete outfits, 2 pairs of shoes, tons of accessories, and life size necklaces “for you”. The US releases also came with posters and the Toy of the Year sticker and are labeled “Limited Collector’s Edition 2003”, though New’s Years Celebratzion Yasmin is labeled “2004 Collector’s Edition”. Sweet Heart Meygan and Spring Fling Jade are the only dolls to have box variants. They were both distributed in Italy by GiG, and Meygan was distributed in Europe by Bandai. These variants were only labeled “Collector’s Edition 2003” and were not numbered.