Pretty ‘N’ Punk

Dolls in this line: Jade, Yasmin, Cloe, Meygan, Cameron, Dylan, Eitan
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Bratz facts: Each Pretty ‘N’ Punk Bratz comes with 2 Punk Party Outfits, 1 pair of boots, a purse, a punk pet, a travel suitcase with stickers, and a poster “for you”. There are also 3 playsets that were featured with this line- the Pretty ‘N’ Punk Motorbike, the Pretty ‘N’ Punk Phone Booth, and the Pretty ‘N’ Punk Party Spot. None of the playsets included any dolls.

Jade, Yasmin, and Meygan have 2 box variants, and Cloe has 3. All 4 dolls have boxes that have an oval-shaped gold sticker that has the “The Only Girls with a Passion for Fashion” slogan, or boxes that have the slogan on the bottom of the boxes. Cloe was sometimes packaged with the incorrect pet name. Her original pet’s name is Ronan, but sometimes he was labeled as Ozzy. Jade has 2 doll variants that have different makeup. One has darker eye makeup and lipstick, whereas the other has lighter eye makeup and lipstick.