Girls Nite Out

Dolls in this line: Jade, Yasmin, Sasha, Cloe, and Dana
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Bratz facts: Each Girls Nite Out doll featured rooted eyelashes, body glitter, a “funkalicious formalwear” outfit, a “casual-cool style” outfit, a “semi-formal fever” outfit, 2 pairs of shoes, a Moovin’ Groovin’ Cool-lectible Card, 2 Bratzpack purses, and tons of “nightlife” accessories. This was the first line to feature rooted eyelashes and body glitter. Girls Nite Out was also one of the first lines to come with 3 outfits, alongside Sun Kissed Summer, which was also released in 2004.

There are 3 known box variants released for Girls Nite Out. All 5 characters are confirmed to have a variant that says, “Girls Nite Out! Collection” at the top of the box, and another variant that says, “Girls Nite Out! Collection 2004” at the top of the box. The dolls and contents are all the same for both of these variants. There is another variant that includes pieces of the 2004 Life Style Kiss ‘N’ Make-Up! playset instead of extra outfits and shoes. Yasmin and Cloe are the only dolls to be confirmed to be packaged this way, though it is possible the other Girls Nite Out dolls were packaged this way. This line was also released under the names “Les filles sont de sortie ce soir!” and “Polvere di stelle!” in various countries.

Jade, Sasha, and Dana’s “semi-formal fever” outfits were all reused for the 2004 Secret Date line. Jade and Dana’s “casual-cool style” outfits were recycled for the same line, as well as Yasmin’s “casual-cool style” outfit jacket. The shoes Jade, Yasmin, and Cloe come with are recycled from the respective Girls Nite Out dolls, but only some of Meygan and Nevra’s dolls have recycled shoes from Girls Nite Out. They both have variants that come with other shoes that did not come with any Girls Nite Out doll.

The Lil’ Bratz Nighttime Style 4-pack was also released in 2004 and featured Lil’ Bratz Nazalia, Talia, Zada, and Ailani wearing miniature versions of the “funkalicious formalwear” dresses from Jade, Yasmin, Sasha, and Dana. They also came with miniature versions of the purses from the same dolls, and Ailani came with miniature versions of Jade’s shoes.