Sun-Kissed Summer

Sun-Kissed Summer Artwork

Dolls in this line: Jade, Yasmin, Sasha, Cloe, Dana, Fianna, Cameron, Dylan, Eitan, Koby, and Cade
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Bratz facts: Except for Fianna, each Sun-Kissed Summer Bratz comes with a “Sun-kissed” bikini set, a “Sunset style” outfit, a “Beach-day bliss” fashionwear outfit, a pair of snap-on sandals, a pair of snap-on bare feet, a sweatshirt, a beach towel, a surfboard, tons of summertime accessories, and a Moovin’ Groovin’ Cool-lectable Card. Fianna was exclusively released with the Splash ‘N’ Dance Pool playset and only came with one bikini outfit, one pair of snap-on sandals, and one pair of snap-on bare feet. The playset itself came with “over 30 pool cool accessories”. Sun-Kissed Summer had many features that were new for Bratz, including snap-on bare feet, 3 outfits, and Jade, Cloe, and Dana with tanned skin. In the same year, the Nighty-Nite Wave 1 dolls also came with snap-on bare feet, and the Girls Nite Out dolls came with 3 outfits. 

There are two known box variants for all the dolls, except Fianna, and the Splash ‘N’ Dance Pool. Except for Fianna, all 10 dolls have either “Sun-Kissed Summer Collection” or “Sun-Kissed Summer Collection 2004” on the tops of their boxes. The Splash ‘N’ Dance Pool has 2 box variants. One is an open window box showing all of the pieces of the pool, while the other is a solid box that only has a small window to show Fianna.