Step Out

Dolls in this line: Jade, Yasmin, Sasha, Cloe, and Meygan
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Bratz Facts: There are 3 box variants for Yasmin, Sasha, and Cloe and 2 for Jade and Meygan. All 5 dolls have boxes labeled “5th Anniversary Edition!” They were released for the Bratz 5th anniversary, and also included life size bracelets that stated “Step Out 2 Help Out” in support of the National Children’s Leukemia Foundation. The dolls came with miniature versions of these bracelets. These boxes included banners stating,  “Wear this bracelet and support National Children’s Leukemia Foundation”. This variant for Cloe was packaged in a “Step Out 2-in-1 Bonus Pack” multipack with the Bratz Matchmaker Journal. It is currently unknown if the other dolls in this line were also packaged in a multipack. There are also “5th Anniversary Edition” boxes that don’t come with life sized or doll sized bracelets for all 5 dolls. These boxes stated, “Celebrating 5 years with the one and only girls with a passion for fashion!” Yasmin, Sasha, and Cloe have box variants that aren’t labeled as “5th Anniversary Edition” and don’t come with the “Step Out 2 Help Out” bracelets. The dolls and clothes for these variants are packaged on the opposite sides of the boxes compared to the other variants. 

Several clothing pieces from Jade and Yasmin were recycled and slightly modified for the Design Your Own line. Jade’s purse and first and second outfit were also recycled for the 2006 Passion 4 Fashion Step Out Style fashion pack.