Bratz Collector

Dolls in this line: JadeYasminSashaCloe, and Cameron
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Bratz facts: MGA began slowly revealing each of the Bratz Collector dolls on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in late spring to early summer of 2018. By fall 2018, all five dolls with all of their clothes, shoes, and accessories had been revealed. The dolls were all designed by fashion designer and long time Bratz fan Hayden Williams. Each doll comes with 2 complete outfits, a jacket, a hat, a purse, sunglasses, one pair of earrings, one necklace, and one makeup compact. They also come with a poster and star brush.

The Bratz Collector dolls were Amazon exclusives. They were made available for pre-order in the US on November 1, 2018 and retailed for $49.99 USD. The dolls were made available for pre-order or purchase on Amazon outside the US in the following weeks to months. By late November of 2018 many US fans had begun to receive their dolls. Reception was mixed regarding the dolls. A lot of fans were excited to receive their dolls and were happy with them, but others were disappointed by poor quality control.