2002 Stylin’ Salon ‘N’ Spa

Note: My playset is missing 3 pieces. The silver cash register, towel hook, and espresso machine cup will be added in the future. Several of the pink pieces are slightly discolored due to age and/or poor storage. The proper color is what is shown for the bathtub. 

  • Variants/Other Editions: 2003 Pink Stylin’ Salon ‘N’ Spa with Fianna, 2003 Yellow Stylin’ Salon ‘N’ Spa with Fianna, 2006 Girlfriendz Salon ‘N’ Spa, 2010 Stylin’ Salon ‘N’ Spa
    • Boxes: 
      • Square box with pink lip Dana variant
      • Square box with nude/yellow lip Dana variant
      • Rectangle box with pink lip Dana variant

Bratz Facts: This was the first version of the Stylin’ Salon ‘N’ Spa that was released. It included an exclusive Dana doll, complete spa outfit, spa sandals, a robe, a towel, an eye mask, tons of accessories, and real makeup “for you”. The playset was distributed in Europe by Bandai. The only differences the Bandai version has is the Bandai logo on the box and the addition of multiple languages. Otherwise, everything is identical.