Tokyo a Go-Go Tiana

Tokyo  a Go-Go Tiana Stock Photo

  • Variants/other editions: 
    • Boxes: Dance ‘N’ Skate playset with only Tiana, Dance ‘N’ Skate playset with Tiana and Cameron
  • Head mold: 2001, open mouth, no pierced ears
  • Body mold: 2001, click knees, no painted underwear
  • Face screening: Tokyo a Go-Go Tiana
  • Hair color and type: Black with lavender streaks and light brown micro braids, saran
  • Eye color: Lavender with pink accents and white, yellow, and blue eye shines

Bratz facts: Tiana was exclusive to the Dance ‘N’ Skate Club. There is also a Bratz World collector’s edition Tiana. Both the playset box and Bratz World collector’s box state “Introducing Tiana”. The dolls are different and come with different clothes, shoes, and accessories, but the character is the same.