Slumber Party Cloe

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  • Variants/other editions: Slumber Party Wave 2
    • 3 box variants:
      • “Slumber Party Collection” printed on top of box
      • Character name and icon printed on top of box
      • Beauty Night distributed in Europe by Bandai
  • Head mold: 2001, closed mouth, no pierced ears
  • Body mold: 2001, click knees, no painted underwear
  • Face screening: Slumber Party Wave 1 Cloe
  • Hair type and color: Saran, blonde
  • Eye color: Blue with brown accents

Bratz facts: All of the clothes, shoes, and accessories included with this Cloe, as well as her face screening, were used for Slumber Party Wave 2 Cloe. The main differences between the two waves is that the hair and makeup are different, and wave 2 Cloe has holes punched in the bottoms of the slippers.

In 2003 Lil’ Bratz Slumber Party Cloe was released. She used miniature versions of this Cloe’s clothes, shoes, and some accessories. In 2006 Sleepin’ Style/Sleepover Cloe was released and reused this Cloe’s first outfit.