Nighty-Nite Wave 1 Cloe


  • Variants/other editions: None known at this time
  • Head mold: 2001, closed mouth, no pierced ears
  • Body mold: 2001, click knees, no painted underwear
  • Face screening: Nighty-Nite Wave 1 Cloe
  • Hair color and type: Blonde, saran
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Unique features: “Apple Mist” scented perfume and spray bottle

Bratz facts: Nighty-Nite Wave 1 Cloe was recycled for the 2005 Head Gamez, 2006 Sleepin’ Style/Sleepover, 2007 The Movie Signature Collection, and 2007 Haute Couture en Coulisse lines. The recycled dolls are mostly identical to Nighty-Nite Wave 1, the only difference being that they have pierced ears.