Funk Out Fianna


  • Variants/other editions: repackaged in “The Bratz Pack” 2-in-1 multipack with 2003 Sport ‘N’ Style Fashion pack
  • Head mold: 2001, closed mouth, pierced ears
  • Body mold: 2001, click knees, no painted underwear
  • Face screening: Stylin’ Salon ‘N’ Spa Fianna
  • Hair color and type: Light brown with blonde streaks, saran
  • Eye color: Green with brown and blue accents

Bratz facts: Funk Out Fianna is identical to Stylin’ Salon ‘N’ Spa Fianna and Sun-Kissed Summer Splash ‘n’ Dance Pool Fianna , the only difference being that Funk Out Fianna has pierced ears. Most of Fianna’s clothes, shoes, and accessories are reused or modified from various 2003 fashion packs and 2003 Style It Dana.