Formal Funk Nevra

  • Variants/other editions: 
    • Boxes:
      • “Limited Edition Prom 2003” US release Toy of the Year sticker
      • Formal Funk European release not labeled “Limited Edition Prom 2003”
      • Party Night distributed in Europe by Bandai
  • Face screening: Formal Funk Nevra
  • Head mold: 2001, closed mouth, no pierced ears
  • Body mold: 2001, click knees, light pink shimmery painted underwear
  • Hair color and type: Brown, saran
  • Eye color: Blue

Bratz facts: Nevra was sold exclusively with the Formal Funk Super Stylin’ Runway Disco. This was also the first line she was featured in. She is the only Formal Funk doll that is not a limited edition.

Funk Out Nevra was released in 2004 and is pretty much identical to Formal Funk Nevra. The only difference is that Funk Out Nevra has pierced ears. Otherwise, their hair and makeup are the exact same. A miniature version of Nevra’s outfit, except for her shoes, was used for Lil’ Bratz Convertible Cool Nazalia in 2004.