Flashback Fever

Dolls included in this line: Jade, Yasmin, Sasha, Cloe, and Fianna

Bratz Facts: All five dolls in this line come with 2 complete outfits, 2 purses/bags, hats/hair accessories, tons of accessories, holographic cards, keychains, and a mini disc with 5 different songs (Stayin’ Alive, Last Dance, Respect, I Will Survive, and These Boots are Made For Walkin’). The Flashback Fever Boyz (featuring Cameron, Dylan, Eitan, Koby, and Cade) were also released the same year. Each dolls’ fashions were based on fashions from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. 

This line was distributed in Italy by GiG as Look Revival. The dolls and their pieces are all the same, the only difference is the name of the line on the boxes. This is the only box variant for this line.