Convertible Cruiser Yasmin


  • Variants/Other Editions: None known at this time.
  • Head Mold: 2001, closed mouth
  • Body Mold: 
  • Face Screening: Wintertime Wonderland Yasmin
  • Hair Type and Color: 
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Unique Features: Exclusively included with the Convertible Cruiser

Bratz Facts: Convertible Cruiser Yasmin was released exclusively outside of the US. She was a Woolworths exclusive in the UK, but was also likely released in Canada, since a few dolls have sold in Canada on the secondary market, which implies she was available there. She is a very rare doll, especially brand new in box. Her face and hair are nearly identical to Magic Hair Yasmin, but her hair is a different type, doesn’t have any blonde in it, and is shorter. All of her clothes, shoes, and accessories are reused from other dolls.

The red convertible was only sold with Yasmin, but there is a white version that was released in 2007 by itself and in 2008 that came with an exclusive Cloe.