Story Time Sunday 02/09/20

I haven’t forgotten about Story Time Sunday, but I’ve decided that I’m going to have it be once a month. I feel as thought that will work better for me so I don’t have to worry about missing a weekend. Since it’s February, I decided to focus on Sweet Heart Meygan. I remember when Sweet Heart Meygan was released in 2003, along with the other collector’s editions from that year. I absolutely adored this Meygan and Spring Fling Jade, but I was never able to get them as a kid. When I started collecting Bratz as an adult, I made … Continue reading Story Time Sunday 02/09/20

Story Time Sunday 01/12/20

Story Time Sunday! This time my childhood Twiins Phoebe and Roxxi are featured! This set was a gift from my parents way back in 2004 and I’m so glad I managed to hold onto them all these years later, and in such great condition. I did have to replace some a few accessories that I lost, as well as some of their clothes since my original ones were so worn out. These two dolls were very loved when I was a kid, and they hold so much nostalgia for me. I remember being so entranced by all their details, especially … Continue reading Story Time Sunday 01/12/20

Story Time Sunday 12/29/2019

This time Story Time Sunday is all about Midnight Dance Meygan! She’s another one of my childhood dolls. I bought her myself with some Christmas money and she’s been one of my favorite dolls since. I’ve always been interested in goth fashions, so of course I was totally into the Midnight Dance line when I came out. I didn’t end up getting Yasmin and Fianna until I was an adult, but even so this line is still really nostalgic for me. Meygan was one of the very first Bratz I bought myself (even if it was just with Christmas money) … Continue reading Story Time Sunday 12/29/2019

Story Time Sunday 12/22/2019

Story Time Saturday is now being changed to Sunday, due to ease of uploading. This Story Time is about my childhood Genie Magic Jade! I got this Jade back in 2006 when my best friend at the time and I went shopping together. I remember the aisle being filled with so many Bratz to choose from. Since I only had enough money to get one doll, I had to think carefully about which one I wanted. Ultimately, I was divided between Genie Magic Jade and Princess Jade. Both lines had just shown up in stores and it took me quite … Continue reading Story Time Sunday 12/22/2019

Story Time Saturday 12/07/2019

Story Time Saturday! A few years ago I mentioned to my husband┬áthat I wanted to add Iconz Cloe to my collection. I absolutely adore pigs so of course I really wanted this Cloe. He decided he wanted to get her for me for Christmas that year, so he went through my eBay watchlist so he could pull up the listing to buy her. Unfortunately, I hadn’t added her to my watchlist, for whatever reason, so he had to search for her. Of course, this line doesn’t have a name on the box, so finding the listing for her was apparently … Continue reading Story Time Saturday 12/07/2019

Story Time Saturday 11/23/2019

This Story Time Saturday is all about my Flashback Fever Cloe! This Cloe was one of my most wanted dolls from the Flashback Fever line ever since I was a kid, so when I got her boxed a few years ago I was so excited because I finally fulfilled a childhood dream. When she arrived I couldn’t wait to open her up, but as I was taking her out of the box, I noticed something about her was a little different. This Cloe actually has the open mouth head mold instead of the closed mouth mold! So not only did … Continue reading Story Time Saturday 11/23/2019

Story Time Saturday 11/17/19

Story Time Saturday! I’m super sorry for the break between these posts, but I was so busy with my wedding that this series ended up on the back burner. For this Story Time Saturday I’m going to be talking about some prototypes I own! A couple of years ago, I think around 2014 or 2015, a seller on eBay listed a bunch of Bratz prototypes. I don’t exactly remember how they got a hold of them, but there was a frenzy as collectors poured money into the listings in the hopes of getting some of the prototypes. I didn’t quite … Continue reading Story Time Saturday 11/17/19

Story Time Saturday 10/12/19

Story Time Saturday! This is a new series where I will be posting my personal stories about various dolls in my collection. I hope you all find it enjoyable! To start this series off, I want to talk about two of the most important dolls in my collection. Strut It Jade and Party Jade are the dolls that kick started collection as an adult. I had always loved Bratz as a kid when I first discovered them in 2002, but once I got to high school I felt that I had to “grow up” and ended up basically ignoring my … Continue reading Story Time Saturday 10/12/19