Bratz 2002 Shoe Packs

Bratz facts: 2002 was the first year Bratz shoe packs were released. The packs in yellow boxes are some of the earliest released, and featured mostly recycled shoes from the First Edition and Second Edition/Flaunt It lines. The silver ankle boots are unique to the shoe packs, though the particular mold was first seen with the Dynamite Dance fashion pack in 2001. The shoe packs with First Edition Sasha and Second Edition/Flaunt It Jade’s tennis shoes were also packaged in dark blue boxes. 

Later 2002 shoe packs featured “shoes designed exclusively for” specific characters. Instead of having shoe packs with only boots and tennis shoes that any doll could easily wear, the packs would have one or 2 pairs of shoes corresponding to specific characters’ skin tones. The boxes would be labeled “shoes designed exclusively for character’s name” and also had the characters’ icons. All of these packs were packaged in dark blue boxes. There were packs designed exclusively for Jade, Yasmin, Sasha, Cloe, and Meygan. There were also some packs that corresponded to specific characters, but were not labeled “shoes designed exclusively for character’s name”.