Boyz Second Edition Dylan

Detailed photos coming soon. 

Boyz Second Edition Dylan Stock Photo

  • Variants/other editions: 
    • Boxes: Blue backdrop with Boyz First Edition Cameron artwork, blue backdrop with new Boyz Second Edition artwork, red “Beach Style” box released in some European countries
    • Repackaged: Boyz Funk Out in 2004
  • Head mold: 2002
  • Body mold: 2002, click knees, no painted underwear
  • Face screening: First Edition Cameron/Dylan
  • Hair color and type: Brown, saran with flocking
  • Eye color: Green

Bratz facts: Lil’ Boyz First Edition Cameron features miniature, modified versions of Dylan’s clothes, shoes, and bag.

Boyz Second Edition appears to be entirely identical to Boyz First Edition Dylan.