Story Time Sunday 12/22/2019

Story Time Saturday is now being changed to Sunday, due to ease of uploading.
This Story Time is about my childhood Genie Magic Jade! I got this Jade back in 2006 when my best friend at the time and I went shopping together. I remember the aisle being filled with so many Bratz to choose from. Since I only had enough money to get one doll, I had to think carefully about which one I wanted. Ultimately, I was divided between Genie Magic Jade and Princess Jade. Both lines had just shown up in stores and it took me quite a while to decide on which one I wanted. I ended up getting Genie Magic Jade, and my friend got Genie Magic Yasmin and Cloe. I didn’t manage to keep all my dolls from my childhood, but I’m so glad that I kept this Jade and all of her original stuff. She’s a gorgeous doll and is still in amazing condition. I’ll always remember being in the toy aisle surrounded by Bratz as a kid when I look at this Jade. I’d love to go back to that time when the toy aisle was filled with Bratz and I got excited checking out the newest dolls.