Story Time Saturday 12/07/2019

Iconz Cloe

Story Time Saturday! A few years ago I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to add Iconz Cloe to my collection. I absolutely adore pigs so of course I really wanted this Cloe. He decided he wanted to get her for me for Christmas that year, so he went through my eBay watchlist so he could pull up the listing to buy her. Unfortunately, I hadn’t added her to my watchlist, for whatever reason, so he had to search for her. Of course, this line doesn’t have a name on the box, so finding the listing for her was apparently a bit of a wild goose chase. Fortunately, he did find it, as well as the pig that comes with Big Babyz Cloe. He bought them both and told me my gifts were related. The doll box shaped gift was obvious, but the little weird shaped round thing threw me off. Of course, it made sense once I opened them, but he definitely had me confused for a moment. Iconz Cloe is definitely one of the most sentimental dolls in my collection and it always makes me smile every time I see her sitting on the shelf.