Story Time Saturday 11/23/2019


This Story Time Saturday is all about my Flashback Fever Cloe! This Cloe was one of my most wanted dolls from the Flashback Fever line ever since I was a kid, so when I got her boxed a few years ago I was so excited because I finally fulfilled a childhood dream. When she arrived I couldn’t wait to open her up, but as I was taking her out of the box, I noticed something about her was a little different. This Cloe actually has the open mouth head mold instead of the closed mouth mold! So not only did I finally get one of my most wanted dolls from my childhood, but I ended up with a factory error one. Sometimes errors like these happen, but I love Flashback Fever Cloe with this head mold. I feel like it gives her a different personality, plus it makes her so unique. I absolutely love finding interesting things like this Cloe, and she will always be a treasured part of my collection.