Story Time Saturday 11/17/19

Story Time Saturday! I’m super sorry for the break between these posts, but I was so busy with my wedding that this series ended up on the back burner.

For this Story Time Saturday I’m going to be talking about some prototypes I own! A couple of years ago, I think around 2014 or 2015, a seller on eBay listed a bunch of Bratz prototypes. I don’t exactly remember how they got a hold of them, but there was a frenzy as collectors poured money into the listings in the hopes of getting some of the prototypes.

I didn’t quite have the budget to try to get too many prototypes, especially because there was a lot of competition for some of the listings. But I’m definitely happy that I was able to get any prototypes at all! The Birthday Wave 3 Sasha prototype doll was the only one I originally bid on, and I won her for around $40 USD. I ended up buying the prototype Sasha head and the unknown Yasmin from a seller who bought a bunch of the listings and then resold them. If I remember correctly, the Yasmin was just a head in a lot of other prototype heads, but she was shipped to me on a Yasmin body wearing a Magic Makeup dress. I changed her into one of my favorite 2005 fashion packs with Girlfriendz Nite Out Yasmin’s shoes because I thought it looked cute on her. She’s the only one of my prototypes that has hand painted face paint. I also felt that it was appropriate to get the Birthday Sasha head since I had the prototype doll already. The original seller had prototype heads for all of the Birthday Wave 3 dolls, but I didn’t bid on the Sasha head at the time since I didn’t know how much money the listing for the Birthday Sasha doll would end at and I had a limited budget.

I’m so happy to have this little bit of Bratz history! When I first started collecting as an adult, I could only dream of maybe one day owning at least one prototype doll. Now I own these three, plus 2 production samples that I didn’t feature in this post since I bought them later on from different sellers. I will be talking about them later!