Story Time Saturday 11/23/2019

This Story Time Saturday is all about my Flashback Fever Cloe! This Cloe was one of my most wanted dolls from the Flashback Fever line ever since I was a kid, so when I got her boxed a few years ago I was so excited because I finally fulfilled a childhood dream. When she arrived I couldn’t wait to open her up, but as I was taking her out of the box, I noticed something about her was a little different. This Cloe actually has the open mouth head mold instead of the closed mouth mold! So not only did … Continue reading Story Time Saturday 11/23/2019

Story Time Saturday 11/17/19

Story Time Saturday! I’m super sorry for the break between these posts, but I was so busy with my wedding that this series ended up on the back burner. For this Story Time Saturday I’m going to be talking about some prototypes I own! A couple of years ago, I think around 2014 or 2015, a seller on eBay listed a bunch of Bratz prototypes. I don’t exactly remember how they got a hold of them, but there was a frenzy as collectors poured money into the listings in the hopes of getting some of the prototypes. I didn’t quite … Continue reading Story Time Saturday 11/17/19