Story Time Saturday 10/12/19

Story Time Saturday Strut It and Party Jade

Story Time Saturday! This is a new series where I will be posting my personal stories about various dolls in my collection. I hope you all find it enjoyable!

To start this series off, I want to talk about two of the most important dolls in my collection. Strut It Jade and Party Jade are the dolls that kick started collection as an adult. I had always loved Bratz as a kid when I first discovered them in 2002, but once I got to high school I felt that I had to “grow up” and ended up basically ignoring my Bratz. However in the later months of 2010, my then boyfriend (who is soon to be my husband at the end of this month) and I decided to make a trip to our local Toys R Us just for fun. I may not have been paying very close attention to Bratz throughout high school, but I was aware of the lawsuit with Mattel, so I was under the impression that Bratz had been discontinued and I wasn’t expecting to find any at Toys R Us. Imagine my surprise when I saw new Bratz sitting on the shelves! I was absolutely giddy with excitement, even though I didn’t have any money because I wasn’t planning on buying anything, so I wasn’t able to get any Bratz while we were there. Party Jade instantly caught my attention and I decided that I HAD to have her at some point. We went back to his house afterward and I decided to look on eBay to see if I could find my most wanted doll as a kid. I had always wanted Strut It Jade, but I was never able to get her, so when I found her, he bought her for me for Christmas that year.

Seeing new dolls on the shelves and getting a doll I had always wanted rekindled my love for Bratz and it wasn’t long before I decided to look for more that I had wanted as a kid, and eventually decided to start collecting seriously. It’s been about 9 years since I got these two dolls, but I’m so happy I did.